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22nd of October, 2022
Med & Mess Online or Virtual 3rd OF 3 October 22 , 2022

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Meditation & Messages Live Online or Virtual THIRD date of THREE October 22, 2022

NOTE: Please pay for the event by using our calendar and select the event on the calendar. If you wish to make a payment via a different option than paying online. Please contact us at lightcenter@metacenter.ca. We will be happy to help you out. 

Don’t miss out!

If you cannot join us live online join us energetically. The event will be recorded and sent to you so you can download to your computer or mp3 player.

The links for joining us live online will be emailed out one day before the event.

The set of three events are July 30, (Lion's Gate event), September 24, October 22, 2022. Or you can purchase each event individually.

Each Meditation Gathering consists of a Lecture and a Meditation. Lecture: Rose 'Shuneaj' and the Spiritual Guidance that comes through at each lecture is based on group consciousness and the collective consciousness of the Earth and the Universe. Therefore, we do not know ahead of time what will be covered in a lecture. To give a title or description to each lecture would be understating it completely because of the dynamic nature in which spirit flows in the moment. Insights from the spiritual plane benefit everyone at all levels and healing will occur for anyone listening to the lecture.

Meditation or Group Healing: These meditations are brought through in the moment and are inspired by Spirit through Rose 'Shuneaj'. Titles for the meditations are not always given due to the different types and volume of information given. All meditations open your heart, connect you at all levels of creation and heal any energies that would separate you from your conscious connection at all levels of creation. Based on Guidance the end of the session will be either another meditation or a group healing based on what is brought forward at the event.

If you can’t join us online live:  people typically sit and tune in with the group energies during the Calgary time frame or, if otherwise busy or sleeping ‘intend’ to be present. It is quite amazing what you can sense, feel, or dream when the group is actually in session. You are still part of the energy matrix and receive the healings, activations and initiations weather you are present in person online or virtual.

24th of May, 2023
Healingsaften Transformering Til Dit HoeJest Mulige Potentiale - Odense

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Healing Night Odense May 24, 2023

Please Note: To register, pay and receive more information please contact the promoter. Thank you.

Do you lack clarity about your life and your current situation? Whatever you have in mind, come and join a loving and bright evening when Rose ’Shuneaj' Sangregorio holds an evening of group healing.

Healing Night is a transformation for better health, well-being and to your highest possible potential.

Rose ‘Shuneaj’'s' messages to the recipient are simple and clear and can be used by anyone if it feels right and resonates.

This journey does not have to be difficult. You can easily and effortlessly become aware of who you really are.

Rose ‘Shuneaj’ will, through her unique abilities and unconditional love, help you through the issues you want clarity on and reveal the deeper reasons for this.

This evening with Rose ‘Shuneaj’ - is strong, powerful and loving, some of the questions / issues asked are relevant and something most participants can relate to and therefore receive on many levels of their being what they are meant to receive. Even if the participant cannot relate to the issue that is being addressed, at that time.

Participants stated that they had not imagined the diversity of aspects that could lie in a question.

The number of participants that Rose ‘Shuneaj’ can reach in 2 hours will be allowed to ask their questions about what they would like to have looked at. The first 22 who buy a ticket are guaranteed an opportunity to ask a personal question of what can be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. It can also be your work, business, changing your mindset, patterns in your life, love for yourself, etc.

Even if you do not get the opportunity to ask a question yourself, if you are not among the first 22 or you are not physically present, you will still throughout the evening, receive the most amazing and powerful energies at all levels. You receive the same as the one who asks the question. You will receive assistance for what you wish to have addressed as the Masters know what you wish to have looked at.

So come and join a healing evening. An evening full of joy, love and transformation.


If you are still prevented from coming physically, you will receive it as Remote Healing. The ticket cannot be sold or given to someone else as the healing is initiated by Rose 'Shuneaj' as soon as you have paid and are registered.

The money is not refundable and non-transferable.

So come and join a healing evening. An evening full of joy, love and transformation.

There will be no online participation.

To register, pay and receive more information please contact the promoter.

When you register you must pay at that time, otherwise the seat goes to someone else.

Pris: Kr. 525, to participate for being present in the room or remote healing. You receive all evening. To register, pay and receive more information please contact the promoter.

Tid: Kl. 19.00 - 21.30.

Odense: 24 May, 2023 · Odense, Denmark

Kontakt: Vibeke Fraling · tlf.: 28 83 07 13

26th of May, 2023
RETREAT - Title & Description To Be Announced - May 26 to 29, 2023

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RETREAT - Title & Description To Be Announced - May 26 to 29, 2023, Ådalen Retreat, Gammel Viborgvej 400, 8920 Randers NV, Denmark

RETREAT Title and Description To Be Announced

To register please contact the promoter.

Friday May 26, 12:00 noon to Monday May 29, 13:30, 2023

Join us for 4 days in retreat and be immersed in the wonderful energies and wisdom of the Masters and Beings of Light as Rose ‘Shuneaj’ brings through their teachings.

Lectures, meditations, chanting and silent time will be part of this retreat.

There are limited rooms available as single rooms and there are some double rooms.

Rooms will be decided by lot. There will be shown consideration for participants with special needs to the extent that we can accommodate them.

Linens can be rented. The cost for this is 100, - dkr. Or you can bring your own.

Pris: Kr. 5499, -dkr, - includes workshop, accommodation, coffee/tea; Food: (3 x breakfast, 4x lunch, 3 x cake, 3 x supper, 3 x a little snack in the evening) and deposit. Deposit of kr. 1,444, -dkr, - is non-refundable and non-transferable. Final payment of Kr 4,055, -dkr, - must be received no later than May 5, 2023. If you wish to join us after the final payment date has passed, contact the promoter to see if there is still space available.

NOTE: We will need a minimum number of registrations, with deposit paid, by February 24, 2023 for the retreat to run. If the retreat is cancelled you will receive a full refund.

Place: Ådalen Retreat, Gl. Viborgvej 400, 8920 Randers NV, Denmark

Time: Friday, May 25, 12:00 noon to Monday, May 29, 13:30, 2023. Check in is May 25, 12:00 to 12:30.

The retreat starts with lunch and ends after we have lunch on May 29.

Kontakt: Birgitte Udbye · rosedanmark@metacenter.ca · Tlf.: 5056 8617.

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