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Bliss Ideas Affirmation Cards

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You have a question about something
You are facing a challenge in your life
You are trying to solve a problem
You want inspiration or encouragement
You want to connect with your source of bliss within

36 affirmation cards in each set comprised of 3 affirmations for each of the 12 Rays!

Each BLISS CARD affirmation is color coded to the color of the ray it represents. You can call in the Angel, Master or Ray for that particular card (color).

When using these cards with the 12 Ray teachings Rose gives, each time you pull a card the affirmation assists you to become more harmonized to the qualities of that particular ray.

These affirmation cards are great for children and adults!

You can use these by yourself or in a group.

Feel free to experiment and have fun with them!

For more information on the 12 Ray teachings see Rose�s book Journey to Self Enlightenment or join one of our classes

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