A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Southern India

January 06 , 2007  -  February 03 , 2007


(This pilgrimage is now completed)


From Jan. 5 to Feb. 3 2007

In all 22 people will participate
Currently this pilgrimage is full

If you wish to join us through meditation while we journey to the various sites, here is the itinerary. With Blessings….
January 6 Chennai/Madras
January 7 to 8 Mahabalipuram
January 9 to 12 Auroville
January 13 to 15 Tiruvannamalai
January 16 to 21 Puttaparthi
January 22 to 25 Mysore / Bylakuppe
January 26 to 27 Cochin
January 28 Alappuzha
January 29 to February 2 Varkala Beach

The spiritual part of this journey will be led by Rose Sangregorio and Terry Gaupmann.

On this journey to South India we will come in contact with very old cultures as well as spiritual masters. We will stay in different ashrams, where we will visit Sai Baba, Amma, Swamiji, Ayang Rinpoche and other masters. We will live in the ecological/spiritual society in Auroville. We will travel to Tiruvannamalai where we will visit Ramana Maharshis ashram, walk around the holy mountain and visit the great temple where India’s yogis live. Palm leaf readings in Bangalore, sailing in a river boat, as well as visiting the exciting Mysore. Accommodation in the large Tibetan society in Bylakuppe with daily pujas. We will also travel to the beach near Trivandrum and have ayurvedic massage, practice yoga etc.

Details may change based on the flow and guidance of the spiritual energies