Open Heart Spiritual Pilgrimage to Egypt, Jordan (Petra) and Israel

March 15 , 2014  -  April 07 , 2014

(This pilgrimage is now completed)


If you wish to join the group energetically to support the work that is being done and to receive the blessings. Here is what to do.

You can assist in the energies as they are brought through for the changes to be brought to our world and our universe. If you wish to assist in the Universal & Global activations and initiations that we will be part of as we walk this sacred path.

You may join us energetically by following these directions and our itinerary posted below.

Sit in meditation each day with your intention to connect to the matrix of light that is being created and ask that to serve the highest and greatest good of all, in unity and harmony at all levels of creation, that you support the light in its path of evolution at this time for our Earth and our Universe and all levels of Creation. (Do not worry about the time difference.)

Rose with the Masters and beings of Light will be facilitating daily meditations, along with ceremonies, initiations, activations and gatherings that happen at the sacred sites as the group journeys on this pilgrimage.

Details may change based on the flow and guidance of the spiritual energies as things happen in the moment. You may join us energetically as we walk this sacred path. SEE BELOW FOR THE ITINERARY SO CAN CAN FOLLOW US.