A Spiritual Pilgrimage To Egypt, Mt. Sinai And More…

November 26 , 2007  -  December 15 , 2007

(This pilgrimage is now completed)

Here is our itinerary should you wish to join us energetically from where you are.
Cairo; Cairo / Aswan; Elephantine Island and Philae temple; Abu Simbel, check in to Nile cruise; Kom Ombo; Edfu & Luxor; Valley of the Kings and Queens and Hatshepsut temple; Karnak temple & Luxor temple; Abydos; Dendara; Tel el Amarna; Beni Hassan; Saqqara and Dashur; Pyramids, Sphinx, Giza Plateau (NEW MOON!!!); Suez Canal; St. Catherine’s; Mt. Sinai; Dahab