June 13, 2014

Lets Get Real Chattin June 13, 2014 interview with Rose Sangregorio (video).

A fabulous exploration with Rose Sangregorio from The Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation today on LGRCC.com As happened once before, we had some extra energy flowing through from the Elementals. You may accept it, or just listen, it will just go past you if you don’t want it. We discussed the changes happening on our planet in June 2014; including the behaviour changes in humans, evolution of consciousness, judgement, death and near death…and so much more. You may wish to explore with Rose through one of her many offerings via her website as well…she has quite a few events coming up….visit http://www.metaphysicalcenterofcanada… Previous shows with Rose and many other guests, plus articles and social media links can be found at lgrcc.com