English Class Event Descriptions



Rose has been guided by the Masters to facilitate events and classes to bring people to their highest and greatest potential for the New Golden Age (our new Paradigm).

By participating in one or more of the events or following activities, you can create a strong base from which you can activate, transform, stabilize and integrate the new energies within and around you: Classes, Transformational (Group) Healing Nights, Meditation Nights series, Lecture Evenings, Online Events and more.

You will find it easier to move forward with ease and grace in our new world and be the best you can be every moment of every day.

When Rose is guided to teach classes on location, as a student of the Mystical Shaman Mystery School, you will be able to attend and deepen/expand your spiritual journey while participating in the events at the location as directed by the Masters.

For the current or future location of the spiritual journey that is being offered, on location, go to our events section.



Tools and techniques for the integration of our spiritual selves into the our lives. The new classes Rose is teaching, along with the classes she has been teaching, will help you with becoming your highest potential in your daily life.



BE THE PEACE – Meditation Retreat

We live in a world of chaos; now more than ever we need to practice being still and living in peace. Spend 4 days with Rose and through the teachings, chanting, meditations and silence you will gain insight and strengthen your spiritual connection to BE the PEACE here on Earth.



Tools to Manifest Harmonious Loving Relationships (4 Week Class)

Do you feel that some of your relationships could be more loving?

Do you desire to have harmony in all your relationships?

What is the key to maintaining stronger relationships?

This course will give you the understanding of how relationships can be changed to fulfill all of the above and more!

Receive tools to take home with you so you can continue to grow in having good relationships in all parts of your life.


Embracing the Unknown in Uncertain Times (4 Week Class)

Are you feeling unsettled regarding yours and our world’s future?

Has this year of change been impacting your life?

Would you like to gain insights on how to maintain neutrality during uncertain times?

This 4 week online class will help you to understand why change is important in helping us to move to a new way of living in harmony.

You will receive teachings and practices on how to move with ease and grace through all times of uncertainty.

You will receive healings, initiations and meditations to create the changes you desire through the entire 4 weeks.



Would you like to let go of what stops you from living an inspiring, abundant, fulfilling life? Would you like to, with ease and grace, create and manifest what you wish to in all aspects of your life?

Come join us this weekend to find what blocks and limits you and how to let go of these hindrances.

Learn how to use the knowledge you receive to transform your blocks in your daily life.

Learn the technique on how to manifest what you wish to create in your life.

This course is designed to help you experience and receive different tools and techniques that will be very effective for you to create and manifest new things in your life.

Guided meditations will be done throughout the course.

You will go home feeling clearer, happier and lighter as you take home tools that you can continue to work with after the workshop.



We will visit the world of the angels and archangels.

How do the angels help us in our daily life, and what can we achieve by working with them?

How do we do it?

The participants will receive transformational and spiritual healing throughout the weekend.

Rose is continuously guided by the Masters, Angels and Archangels, so the participants will get the knowledge and awareness of what they need for their own spiritual growth.



We will in this weekend visit the world of the Masters.

How do the Masters help us in our daily life, and what can we achieve by working with them, and how do we do it?

The participants will receive transformational and spiritual healing during the weekend.

Rose is continuously guided by the Masters, so the participants will receive the knowledge they need for their personal and spiritual growth.



Imagine having infinite financial resources?

What would it feel like to have relationships that foster your highest potential?

How do you create optimum health and well-being?

As a New Year begins, people reflect on what they want more of in their lives; spend 2 days with us and learn and understand the challenges and blockages you have in creating these possibilities in your life and how to transform them.

You will learn to connect and start accessing your new fulfilled and abundant reality.



What you will receive:

Details about the Rays and their energies.

How to use the Rays and their qualities to support and enhance your spiritual path and growth.

Your own ray structure so you can better understand yourself and utilize this to deepen your spiritual connection.

Meditations, Activation’s and Initiations to take you to your next level of Enlightenment, regardless of where you are at.

Rose will be teaching this class to bring through the teachings that are aligned to the group that assembles to receive the highest potential of the teachings.




This workshop will be a mix of teachings and channellings based no the newest information available from the Spiritual World.

Rose will channel healings and meditations to cleanse and heighten your vibrations even more, as a preparation for your Cosmic ascension. This is done for every individual and with the intention to thereby heighten the collective consciousness for the Earth.

Additionally, work will be done to cleanse the last remaining percentage of the lower ego that can be done at the time of the workshop.

You will leave with a better understanding of the Cosmic world and with tools that you can use at home for your own spiritual journey to your own cosmic ascension.



A profound and moving experience. The 12 bodies, how they interact and work together or in opposition with each other. This understanding will benefit everyone at all levels of knowledge and wisdom.

With guidance from Spirit, the Masters and the Angelic Realms, Rose will assist you to discover and realize more of your own inherent potential and gifts.

There will be lecture and instruction, as well as, healing meditations to reach this higher conscious awareness.

Regardless of what level you are at, the Spiritual Guidance, through Rose, will take you into your next level of self realization and enlightenment.

Rose will be speaking and instructing on the 12 body systems as well as teaching about how these individual systems interact with each other and thereby how they affect you in your behavior and your life.

Through the process of learning and understanding Rose will take you through healing meditations to unlock the blockages that will then take you into the wisdom of self realization!

This workshop is very transforming and you will take home with you some new tools to keep you moving into higher and higher states of consciousness

Become the Self Realized true being that you are — Now!



Learn to apply the principles of ‘The Secret’

This is the real secret behind manifestation! You will get a tool that you can use again and again. Your challenges will, with this meditation technique, be transformed forever! At the same time, you can manifest your visions and experience them in your life.

In this workshop there will be many meditations to clear the energy that is blocking you from a clear connection to the Divine.

This meditation technique teaches you to go into yourself and create inner stillness, love and well being. When you are feeling down, angry, frustrated and your energy is low, this is the place for love and care for yourself, heal your heart and receive insights and messages from your higher self, through applying this technique.

A simple practice that can be used at any time, anywhere. This training applies the spiritual laws so with the love of your own spirit and, your conscious intention, you will manifest all that you desire to achieve as positive transformation in every area of your life.



With assistance from the Arch-angels and the Masters you will receive a technique that gives you access to universal knowledge.

This is a practical tool that can be used daily to transform your blocks and challenges that stop you from achieving your highest potential. This technique can also be used to help others on their path as well.

At the workshop there will be meditations and exercises to clear and transform the energies that block your clear connection to the Universal knowledge.

One of the tools that you will receive is to view past, present and future life situations, get the understanding behind the situation and receive the knowledge and the insight on how to clear the blockage.

Many other unique tools are given to help you clear blocks and accelerate your gifts.

Includes protocol, techniques and practicum.



Would you like to:

Increase your intuition?

Open your inner vision (clairvoyance)?

Hear your inner voice (clairaudience)?

Strengthen your inner knowing (clairsentience)?

And more!

This workshop will open you to your intuitive gifts and more. Access the portal to a whole different realm of understanding. Spend the week with us if you are ready to open and fine tune these gifts.

This class is recommended as a prerequisite for the Opening to Channel class.



Discover your own abilities and gifts to connect to the world of the Masters, Archangels and beings of light. Receive tools and techniques to open yourself to a clear connection to receive messages for yourself and others in a safe manner. Over the course of the weekend you will be taken through exercises to develop your own inner connection to the divine realms. You will learn psychometry and automatic writing and more with the final gift being your ability to channel the Ascended Masters, your Higher Self and others of the higher dimensions of light.

This is an intensive workshop and you WILL be cleansed and cleared of blockages and belief systems that would stop you from achieving this.

The recommended prerequisite for this class is Activate Your Intuitive Gifts.

***Using Rose’s meditation cds and tools from her book prior to the workshop will prepare you more fully to receive more profoundly and completely the gifts of this workshop.



This spiritually guided healing energy is an ancient sacred healing art which allows Universal Life Force energy to flow through the practitioner to the Recipient. When applied for the purposes of healing, it assists the body, mind and spirit to heal. Reiki is both powerful and gentle. It is a simple technique that can be easily learned by anyone.

REIKI I (1 day)

Become a Reiki Practitioner!

This class is the foundation for Reiki.

Learn about Reiki what it is and what it can do for you and others.

Learn the protocol and procedures for a Reiki treatment for yourself and others.

Lecture, initiation and practice are included on this day.


REIKI II (1 day)

The continuation of opening to the Reiki energy.

Learn to help transform mental/emotional blocks as well as send Reiki to the past, future and long distance.

Lecture, initiation and practice are included on this day.


REIKI III/ Master – (1 day)

Open to the full Reiki Ray Energy.

Learn to teach and run a class. Learn how to initiate others.

Even if you do not intent to teach Reiki or initiate others to Reiki, taking this class will open you to the fullest potential of this energy to heal yourself and others (if you choose to work on other people).

Lecture, initiation and practice are included on this day.



A session of transforming energies for better health and well-being.

This is like a private session with Rose – perhaps better, as some of the issues/questions that are addressed are relatable to everyone – attendees have commented they could not have thought of all the different aspects, that are brought up during the session, on their own.

Upon registration, you start to receive energy to prepare you for the evening and you become part of the matrix that gets created for the transformation, healing and clearings.

Some attendees will be able to ask a question for Rose to assist to transform theirs and the group energies. If you are out of town, or you cannot attend in person, you may register to join and receive all the energy transformations that are done. Everyone who has signed up will receive the energies of transformation and clearing; even if you do not have the opportunity to ask a question directly to Rose, or you do not join the session in person or online.



Meditation, Messages and Lecture with Rose and the Spiritual Guidance and insights she brings through. Personal questions may be asked, and as the response is given on the personal level, others will also benefit from receiving the insights from the spiritual planes of understanding. Note: the amount of personal questions asked will be based on time available. By the nature of the energies that come through and the messages and answers, Healing will be received by everyone.



You can listen to Rose via the internet at http://www.newsforthesoul.com/rose.htm

Or listen to the archives at the same link


11th ANNUAL! World Peace Meditation Day & Messages from the Masters for 2017

Don’t miss out!

If you cannot join us in person, join us live online or energetically. The lecture and meditation will be recorded and sent to you so you can download to your computer or mp3 player.