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17th of September, 2017
2017 Pilgrimage to Ireland

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September 17 , 2017 - October 1, 2017

Come join us on what will be a wonder filled spiritual journey to the land of magic and faeries.
​Contact us to register and for more information, 1-403-295-7507 or lightcenter@metacenter.ca

2nd of November, 2017
Healing Night Courtenay, BC - Online & Virtual Too!

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This evening is like a private session with Rose – perhaps better, as some of the issues/questions that are addressed are relatable to everyone – attendees have commented they could not have thought of all the different aspects, that are brought up during the evening, on their own.

Upon registration, you start to receive energy to prepare you for the evening and you become part of the matrix that gets created for the transformation, healing and clearings.

Some attendees will be able to ask a question for Rose to assist to transform theirs and the group energies. If you are out of town, or you cannot attend in person, you may register to join and receive all the energy transformations that are done. Everyone who has signed up will receive the energies of transformation and clearing even if you do not have the opportunity to ask a question directly to Rose.

If you are joining us live online, the price of this event is higher than regular Healing Online with Rose's as it is a 2.5 hour event.

For more information contact Sheila Toni, sacredearthstore@hotmail.com

4th of November, 2017
Transformational Healing - Courtenay, BC - Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 9:30am-4pm

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With assistance from the Arch-angels and the Masters you will receive a technique that gives you access to universal knowledge.

This is a practical tool that can be used daily to transform your blocks and challenges that stop you from achieving your highest potential. This technique can also be used to help others on their path as well.

At the workshop there will be meditations and exercises to clear and transform the energies that block your clear connection to the Universal knowledge.

One of the tools that you will receive is to view past, present and future life situations, get the understanding behind the situation and receive the knowledge and the insight on how to clear the blockage.

Many other unique tools are given to help you clear blocks and accelerate your gifts.

Includes protocol, techniques and practicum.

Class times are Sat 10- 5, Sun 9:30 - 4pm

The price includes a non-refundable, non-transferable $90 deposit.

For more information contact Sheila at Sacred Earth Metaphysical Store: sacredearthstore@shaw.ca

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